Smart Phone is a New Tool for the Growth of Indian SMEs

Smart phones have become a new tool for Indian SMEs sector. Nearly 54% of the Indian medium enterprises having 100-999 employees were found to use smart phones for their business growth. The spending for such smart phones penetration, as per the New York-based Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc., is estimated to be $173 million by the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the country in 2011.

It was found that an insufficient bandwidth had been hindering the usage of the smartphone for data services. However, an advent of 3G spectrum has enhanced the coverage thereby rising the smartphone penetration levels and data plan usage. Reduced prices and more varied plan options can even help in improving the demand for smartphones. As you know, using smartphones, rather than a PC, for Internet is much easy.

However, less than one million of the Indian SMEs were found to have the installed base of smartphones. The maximum penetration of these devices is seen in professional services vertical. The importance and benefits of podcasting, social networking, and micro-blogging is being recognized by the small and medium enterprises. Therefore, the sector is estimated to increase its spending on smartphone data plan services.