Indian MSME Sector Ownership by Religion in 2010-11

The MSME sector represents over 90 percent of enterprises in most of the developing countries. MSME sector in India contributes to over 45% of country’s industrial output and 40% of direct and indirect exports. In terms of employment, it employs about 59 million persons across 26 million units in the country.

According to the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the ownership in MSME sector, based on religion is as follows:

In terms of religion, Hindus are dominating other religions by managing more number of MSME units in India. Hindus owned about 81.22% of total MSME units dominating other religions such as, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and others. Muslims occupied second place by owning 9.11% units, followed by Christians (4.12%), Sikhs (3.31%), Jain (0.52%), Buddhist (0.07%), and Others (1.64%).

In India there are 15.64 lakh enterprises managed by different religions. Out of total enterprises, 12.70 lakh enterprises are owned by Hindus, followed by Muslim (1.43lakh), Christian (0.64 lakh), Sikh (0.52 lakh), Jain (0.08 lakh), and Buddhist (0.01 lakh). Remaining 0.26 lakh units are owned by others.

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