Advisory Desk for SMEs to Assist in Addressing Currency Risk Exposure

A separate advisory desk for Indian SMEs was inaugurated by “Alpari India” in Gujarat. Alpari India launched a separate desk for SMEs under the Gujarat Manufacturing and Technology show in “Vibrant Gujarat 2011”. This advisory desk will help the SME sector to address the issues regarding the increasing currency risk exposure, which is mainly because of its large export base, and the high volatile nature of off late currency markets.

The purpose of this advisory desk is to make SMEs aware of aspects such as trading beyond borders, risks associated with realization of payments as well as risks associated with the amount actually realized on particular date in rupee terms. Such risks are making the sector highly insecure, thereby, creating a need for proper guidance. So this advisory desk is a good platform for SMEs to discuss issues.

In India, SMEs contribute to 45% of industrial output and about 40% of exports.

Source: Business standard