SME Sector is Hiring People Tentatively

Industries are optimistic in hiring mode. SMEs are looking for skilled labor especially fitters and ITI graduates, who are in short supply. They are mostly on the lookout for fitters, tuners and machine operators including CNC machine operators, who are especially wanted by automotive parts makers. Though the country’s economy is showing positive growth, the small SME sector is still not performing well and is hiring only tentatively. And moreover, there is also a shortage in the skilled labor.

Most of the workers who are taking up these professions are generally dropouts and have a poor understanding of what the job entails. They are also struggling to give quality output. On the other hand, the salaries for the skilled workers have gone through the roof.

abs speed sensorAccording to the government, there is a fixed rate for ITI graduates at Rs.4200 per month and quality personnel are available only for Rs.6000 to Rs.8000. The average monthly pay is about Rs 7500.

According to the Teamlease services, most of the Indian SMEs have reduced their headcount due the recession, and as the situation is improving currently they have started to hire again, but only tentatively.

Source: Business Standard