Dissatisfaction Of Even Old-Time Customers With Amazon India

After many months of house arrest at home due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Realized my nails have grown too long. Decided to cut it but my nail cutter gave away.

As usual, tried a Google search and Amazon India was the first listed e-tailer and felt comfortable to search on amazon.

Hindu books

Noticed several sponsored results for ‘Japan nail cutters’. My anti-con antenna went up. Noticed that many cheats in my city claim second-grade spurious products as ‘Japan’ make. There are also brands like ‘Jaipan’ or ‘Jaypan’ that are famous for cheating the Indian public with their positive perception of Japanese quality. Then thought hard, when Japan is manufacturing many electronic items itself outside Japan to be competitive. Why would they manufacture nail cutters in Japan? Sounded very shady.

But what was surprising is the almost 4.5-star ratings after 200-400 reviews for the various ‘Japan’ nail cutters. My thought was Amazon reviews are probably heavily manipulated now.

Nowadays, there are so many sponsored products, it is kind of difficult to find the non-sponsored product.

Then noticed one nail cutter reviewed as ‘Amazon’s Choice’. The price was 3 times the cost of the Vega brand – a good brand widely available in many premier retailers. This brand had 300+ reviews. So decided to review what’s special about this brand. Then noticed several customers complaining about this 3 times more expensive product. To make matters worst – it was made in China. As I was worried about durability – saw reviews complaining about durability.

Recently purchased some products from Ramraj cotton and had a good experience. Just regular banians and they got delivered on time. Read some not so popular books, as usual not found on Amazon. Looks like Amazon product listing needs to follow some ideological parameters – that is why even books on Ramayana and Mahabharata were not found. Search for ‘Ramayana condensed in Poet’s own words’ in books found no result and worse returned Jim Corbetts – Maneaters book!!

Time for Indian retailers to strike back and get good business. Maybe, Amazon is too busy with Cloud services or become too lazy. Whatever, the reason – this is a good time for Indian retailers to thrive as customers are unhappy with the big retailers.