Indo-Zimbabwe Project for Empowering SMEs

The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development has initiated a project for the development of SMEs in the country in 2006. Accessing technology is one of the biggest challenges for many SMEs. From the past decade, technology has changed rapidly, but there is only limited adoption of technology in SMEs.

According to the Industry and Commerce Minister of Zimbabwe, SMEs will definitely benefit from this $5 million Indo-Zimbabwe project. This project has led to the establishment of Indo-Zimbabwe Technology Center in Harare, India Technology Centre in Bulawayo, Small Enterprises Development Corporation centre in Chitungwiza and 14 other centers in different locations.

The Government of India is initiating various projects to increase the adoption of technologies by SMEs. From the Indo-Zimbabwe project, industrial sectors are set to benefit from machinery such as plastic industry, mining, railways, heavy industries through spares and the local electronic industries through manufacturing of circuit boards. This project would also provide training for young aspiring SMEs and students from various technical institutions. Students at vocational training institutions pursuing courses in printed circuit board manufacturing, tool design, and computer aided design and manufacturing and quality control are being considered mainly to provide training.